I really did need to try it on.

by | Aug 3, 2005 | Uncategorized

I’m only 5 rounds away from finishing my tivoli. But I really did need to try it on. I needed to know how long to make it. I think I’m gonna add another 6 rounds (including a last increase) to give it a bit more length. Right now it hits the top of my shorts. But it fits. It’s definitely a boobie top (which the man will like) but it fits.

**My bathroom is not blue with sailor inspired decorations. That is the boys silly!


  1. mamma

    Look at you! You’re so pretty. And the shirt looks great too. I know what you mean about checking lengths on shirts. I’m so tired of belly shirts or shirts that barely come to the top of my pants. The shirt does look great. Drink some green water and celebrate.

  2. Wanda

    Your Tivoli looks great. I was wondering how it would fit a larger, chestier knitter. Although I’m not huge, I’m really a 38C, but have a little stomach, so I wasn’t sure if these tops would be too tight, but yours look great and if it fits across the boobs with no problem, I may just have to make it! I’m glad I wondered over to your site.


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