I refuse to give up.

by | Oct 27, 2005 | Uncategorized

I have lost count of how many times I have casted on for socks using this knitpicks hydrangea. Lost count, I tell you. But I joined Socktoberfest, and dagnabbit, for once I’m actually gonna follow through on one of these knitalong jobbies.

Last night I cast on for Wendy’s Toe Up socks in you guessed it, knitpicks sockgarden hydrangea. Please cue the applause as I have taught myself yet another technique — the provisional cast on. I had a lot of trouble visualizing how the toe was gonna come together when I started out knitting it straight. But then I realized what I really needed to do was STOP THINKING! I think too much, I overanalyze things, and then I screw myself up. Let us not forget the #19 frogging experience.

So I stopped thinking, and I just followed the directions. And it worked. And how. And now I have 3 inches of toe up socks on the needles! And crap a duck, it looks like they are gonna fit. (Yes I realize that I am the only person in the history of the world who uses “crap a duck” as a pseudo curse word/phrase – shaddup!)

No. You cannot have my oh so cool Scooby Doo mousepad. It’s precious to me. Precious, I tell you. And so is my really big scooby mug & saucer set. And all of my mystery machines. And the stuffed pillow on my futon.

Um, that would be just a photo of the scooby stuff that sits on my desk. Aren’t you jealous? Oh, and this week on Cartoon Network they are running a bunch of newer animated Scooby movies. Aloha Scooby Doo anyone? Yeah I know. Now I’m just embarassing myself.


  1. Denise

    YAY for you and learning how to do toe-up socks. wait until you get to the heel…it’s a dream. I made some slip stitch socks with the hydrangea & they are one of my favorite pairs, so good luck!

  2. Jennifer

    Yeah! It looks like the yarn will stick this time!! Woohoo!!!

  3. tArA nIcHoLe

    I think I may need to try toe up sockies… crap a duck… you’re so sillie…:)

  4. Shellie

    that would be just a photo of the scooby stuff that sits on my desk. Aren’t you jealous?

    Acutally, yes, yes I am. And I’m jealous about the learning socks thing too. I want to do socks.


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