I should have loved it.

by | Jul 31, 2006 | Uncategorized

I love many things with the word Mystery in them. Mystery! the PBS tradition. I mean who doesn’t love Miss Marples? She knits for goodness sakes. Mystery, Inc. is the company name of my favorite meddling kids. Mystery books are among my favorites. I even love a good surprise.

But the Mystery Stole? Well… I don’t know. It’s just not my style. Or something. Basically I’m bored out of my gourd with it. Having to pre-count all those little stockinette squares is time-consuming and sucks the fun out of the chart. And the fact that the last three charts have been basically the same motif over and over??? It’s an easy quick knit and I imagine I will finish it, but right now it’s just not making me happy. I may just buy Leda’s Dream and do that one instead, because this one is just not doing it for me.

So I’ve returned to Icarus where fortunately, I’m just in time to start working on the actual lace. So I’ve been doing that and it’s making me happy. Have I mentioned how dreamy the Misti Alpaca is? Dreamy.

I got my hands on the new IK and there were a few things I’m a-wanting. But one thing at a time, methinks. And that one thing right now is cutting down on the WIP list.


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