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My Christmas spirit that is! It was simple things really. Yesterday I think I put about 200 miles on my minivan. Seriously. So many trips back and forth to both of the boys’ schools. One had cross country, one had tutoring, one needed money dropped off so they could go to the basketball game, one needed dinner and a boy scout uniform… and so it goes. And I was so very grumpy.
Some of my extra trips were because my youngest son *really* wanted to stay up at his school to help wrap presents. These presents were for a needy family. I didn’t have time to stay and help because of all the running, but he really wanted to stay. Which worked on this hard ole heart not just a little bit. I felt kind of like the grinch, my heart started to grow a couple of sizes.

And then I dropped off dinner for a friend who had surgery (she’s all good thanks for asking) and her family was so grateful. And I think that’s when my heart really grew. Because I’m sitting here stressing about deadlines and finances and what to buy the boys and that’s not what it’s all about. At all.

So I think I’m going to sit my little family down this week and talk about what we can do for others for Christmas. Because when push comes to shove we have everything we need and a lot of things we want. It’s time to give back a little more. And keep this heart the size it’s supposed to be.

And so I share with you (yes again) my most favorite Christmas song. Hope you enjoy it!


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