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So I’ve been having some sort of crossroads thing going on. Wondering if I should focus on dyeing or designing or do both or what. Well after a solid week of introspection the answer is that I have no freaking idea. I decided to give up the dyeing for a short while and ended up ordering more base yarn and fiber. But there is a wait time for that of course, so then I think that I will focus on some designing.
And I just have to say that the whole process is just giving me gas. I feel like I’m missing some crucial step in the process. That there is some unspoken secret about how all of this works that everyone knows but me. I took the time to set up a calendar for all of the knitting deadlines (print and online) so that I could keep on top of these things. Today I realized that I have missed two deadlines. One of which if it was ready could have been e-mailed today, but the other of which I noted as due today but that required being mailed. Um, yeah. Apparently I’m a dunderhead.

I have a really lovely sock pattern in the works. And I think I should get some test knitters and get it moving. But then I think that maybe I should keep it a secret and I could submit it somewheres. Yeah. Too much thinking. Especially for as tired as I am.

Yesterday we went to Wild Adventures up in Valdosta, Georgia. Now don’t get me wrong, it was hot, but it wasn’t really all that bad. Plus they have a waterpark attached to the amusement park. So we were able to easily cool off. Plus there was like no one there. The longest we waited for any attraction was for the current riders to exit. No lines anywhere at all. We listened to our new Chickenfoot CD on the way up and the boys were suitably excited…



Then the little dude spent some time watching the woods go by quite peacefully…


And his big brother did weird things with chewing gum. “Look Mom, it’s George Washing-thumb!”


They had a magic show and big dude got chosen as the magician’s assistant.


All in all it was a fabulous day. And if I had spent today sleeping it off (as I wish I could have) instead of working the VBS craft room all bright and early I wouldn’t be so freaking tired. But it was worth it!


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  1. Brenda

    What a delightful post! Your guys are so adorable…George, thumb, gum…little boys provide wonderful entertainment. I wanted to thank you for having your yarn on sale at WWKIP. I LOVE the two I bought!!! Please keep up the good dye/design work…I really like your stuff. 😀


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