Ice, Ice Baby

by | May 24, 2010 | Uncategorized

My husband says this all the time. Not because he is a huge Vanilla Ice fan. It’s his way of saying Internet Changes Everything. And it does. You might not know this, but I met my husband on the internet. Happily married for 6+ years now.
And I run my business on the internet. PDF downloads, paypal, Ravelry – I depend on the internet. I use it daily. Maybe a bit too much, but it is what it is.

But right now I am internet-less. My modem bit the dust last night. And the service I have – well I need a new one. It’s on the way to me. But not fast enough. I tried to ask the nice man to overnight it, but they don’t do that.

So there is no internet at home. It’s really, really strange. I never realized how much time I spend connected. This morning I had a coffee at Panera and checked a few things I could not do on my phone. And now I’m in the library. The boys are taking a much-needed after school break and playing some Poptropica. And I’m blogging. Who knows why.

The good news about my online business is that it keeps going even though I’m not constantly checking on it. Yay for that. Hopefully the modem will come fast. Really, really fast. But until then I will be finishing some last minute sample knitting and just doing what I do. Well, doing what I do – but not telling you as much about it.


  1. Tilly

    Hope the modem arrives quickly. I hate being internetless!

  2. Sara

    Oh pout for you 🙁 I hope the modem arrives soon.


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