If she only had an attention span….

by | May 27, 2005 | Uncategorized

I have a notoriously short attention span. It’s like I’m doing something A, and then ding-dong, that little inner doorbell rings and I realize that I would much rather do something B. Or I’m walking through my livingroom on my way to the office to do something and I totally forget and plunk down on the couch to watch a Buffy rerun. But then a commercial comes on and I go to the boys’ room to fold some clothes.

Flylady says this is why I have a messy house. She says that I have to fight that urge to flit from thing to thing to thing to thing… Well you get the picture. She says the timer is my friend. And that I can stick to anything for 15 minutes.She’s kind of right. If I apply her principles I get things done. But dangit, you have to pay attention to have the stick-to-it-ness to even get started applying the stupid principles.

Wait. Why was I typing about my short attention span? Oh yes. I was in love with my Clapotis. I had dropped everything else to work on it. But then I cleaned up my knitting corner. And realized that I really wanted to start on the man socks. So I did. I’m hopeless you know.

Warning: Lots of whining in this next section!

In other news the baby came. The dad called us. But that was because my stupid husband left a msg yesterday on behalf of an out of town friend to find out how things were. Did he not understand that we weren’t supposed to call them? Now, I know there is a baby, that the baby is definitely a boy, and now I have to spend money. Or else whip up stupid baby socks or something. I don’t know. This whole situation is still giving me gas.

And right now, being in this city, and not having to work, and getting to stay home is *not* wonderful. We’re broke. And the friends that he grew up that I thought were so wonderful? Not so wonderful. Either that or I’m just hateful. Let’s recap. Not invited to the baby shower by Friend A. Friend B only calls me when she needs me to watch her kids. Friend C now has figured out that hey, she can also call me when she needs a babysitter and no time else. Friend D lives 5 minutes from us and we haven’t even had lunch with them. Friend E we had lunch with once when we moved here and then nada.

I joined a bible study at church. Not feeling the connection there with these ladies. I was really hoping to find some friends. The lady at my LYS is so sweet. But I’m not sure if she’s sweet cause she really likes me, or just because I spend so much money with her. I haven’t really clicked with anyone I’ve met at SnB. Although I’ve only been to a few. I don’t know.

So that leaves me with my sister. Who I love, and who is a wonderful friend. But that’s it. One year in this city and I have one friend. One who *has* to be friends with me or my mom will yell at her. End of story morning glory.


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