I’ll be blaming the boy scouts.

by | Jan 18, 2006 | Uncategorized

For the record, I don’t belive in karma. I believe in God. But it does seem to me that life has a way of giving you ups and downs.

Up the first. My husband’s ex-wife called tonight. She and her father will be in town in a week or so and want to meet me and the boys. Um, ok. Not exactly an up. The up is that my husband still has a financial obligation to her, and she’s wiping it clean. So yay and woohoo!

Up the second. I think I’m finally in the clear jaywalker wise. I’ve turned the heel and I’m in decrease junction. I’ve cropped the below picture to spare you the sight of my pedicure. Usually my toys are pretty darn well pretty. It is Florida, and flip flops (or toe shoes as my mama calls them) are de rigeur. But it’s actually been chilly here. (Please let’s ignore the fact that I still haven’t finished my Rogue).

So where’s the downside? Well there’s some serious job turmoil for the man, and since he’s the only breadwinner my nerves are all just shot to hell. And then there’s this…

They’re cute aren’t they? I know. My boys are cutie patooties. (If you are a Nascar fan, please stop reading now. I’m sorry.)

Do you notice the background? That’s at Daytona USA. I spent last Saturday with cars, and more cars, and a lot of people who made me kind of nervous. People who only wore clothing with big numbers emblazoned on them. And then there was the movie. Imax technology is wonderful. And loud. And Nascar on Imax. Really fricking loud. I’m just not a Nascar fan. Although I’m sort of scared that the boys might become fans. It was a boy scouts outing. So when my children are wearing scary jackets, t-shirts, hats, sunglasses, underwear, and tattoos sporting the number of their favorite racer, I’ll be blaming the boy scouts.


  1. Beth

    I’m soooo not on board with NASCAR. And it’s really big here in the podunks of Ohio.

    Still waiting for Rogue – yes, I noticed even though you tried to distract me with a pretty sock.

  2. Karen

    I ran a the Cub Scout pack my boys were in for almost 5 years. And to this day I sometimes wake up feeling great joy and relief that I don’t have to do it ever again.

    Spouse is big on, ahem, “Motor Sports” but not the NASCAR variety so much. It’s all boring and inexplicable to me!

  3. jessie

    My jaywalker looks like yours, except green and except I haven’t picked up stitches for the gusset yet. Someday….

    And my husband’s ex-wife is in our lives just about every day (by phone or in person), so consider yourself lucky. 🙂

  4. Jennifer

    Not a Nascar fan either, but RM’s family is mad for it. Ah well, maybe it’ll just be a phase.

  5. Leah

    Your jaywalkers are looking great! I just finished my first pair in the sock garden colorway “geranium”. I love the pattern!

    I’m not a nascar fan either but my family is full of them. Luckily I’m not subjected to the races too often! Once in a while it can be fun to watch.


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