In the bags in my bedroom…

by | Mar 22, 2005 | Uncategorized

…stand various states of projects, started, not started, patterns, books, etc. So here’s what I’m working on (or will be soon):

1. A blue & pink Meema tote – only the base is finished.

2. A black messenger bag – this needs about 2 more inches on the flap, the left side strap, and then it needs felted.

3. Later Gator Mitten from SNBN. I started these the other night, but had to frog them. I’m making them in bargain bin acrylic, because they will be functioning as hand puppets for the boys, it never really gets cold enough here for mittens. So I want them to be super washable.

4. Easter Egg Cozies – from a tutorial off of I need to get my butt in gear on these. I wanted to send a bunch to work for the man on Friday, but I don’t know now if that will happen. My sister’s birthday is on Thursday and project #2 has to be done for her! She chose a handknit bag by me over a promise of a vera bradley. So it’s gotta get done and it’s gotta look good!

5. A “fun-fur” scarf. This I started before the baby set. Working with it is a pain in the boo-tay! It was almost done until I looked at it and realized that it had a wavy shape due to various increases and decreases I had unknowingly done. So I ripped it out and started over. It’s about a quarter finished. It’s very pretty colors, but I don’t have much need for a scarf here. Especially since today it will be 80.


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