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First off the site is a mess! I know! I had to move servers and some things got very wonky and I’ve been so swamped I haven’t had time to fix all the things.
Second, I know it’s been forever. Working on all these book projects is hard y’all. And I’ve had some crazy setbacks. And then every night like clockwork my family expects to be fed – what is up with that?


In other news I’m leaving for Indiana on Thursday. I am going to be gone for nearly 2 weeks. First off it’s the Small Knits Symposium in Bloomington, Indiana. Then it’s Corrina and Heather’s excellent adventure in Indiana – basically we have about 3 days of in between time and what’s the use in me flying home and we will be working like fiends finishing up getting ready for TNNA. So yeah. Then it’s TNNA in Indianapolis where I will be exhibiting in booth 762.


I have some beautiful new designs to release, but I still have to do all the extra stuff – having them tech edited, getting photographs, etc. Maybe I’ll take my camera to TNNA and try to snag some models! I do have some gorgeous designer friends you know!

2014-04-18 18.34.07

Hopefully while I’m in Indiana I will be able to release one or two of my new designs. I’ve got some gorgeous things I’m finishing up for the TNNA fashion show, so if you or your LYS owner will be there, tell them to keep a look out!

To celebrate being in Indy, I’m having an “indy” sale. Everything in my store is Buy One Get One Free – that includes e-books and individual patterns. The code of course is “indy” and if you have any suggestions for fabulous restaurants or places that Heather and I might visit during our short in between time let me know. We are hoping to hit lots of local yarn stores, but other than that we will be knitting and TNNA prepping!

So use the code “indy” for Buy One Get One Free (BOGO!) in my store and wish me safe travels!



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