Insanity Reigns

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Another Midnight Knit-In, and insanity was still the name of the game. Saturday was a tribute to all things Missy. She is leaving us, and this was her very last Midnight Knit-In.


We had special Missy decorations, and special Missy-food….


And as per usual, there was general craziness and lots of fun. But although the night was Missy’s night, mamaknitter provided the best moment of the night. The moment that brought applause and hoots and hollers. Tricia has been wanting an accordion. Kathe says no. So Tricia stands up at around 11:00 when we are quite silly with tiredness and hours of knitting, and begins to take a poll. Should our beloved Tricia be allowed to have an accordion? And mamaknitter reaches into her bag, and whips out an accordion, “Like this one?” Which led to this…

Yeah. Sorry about the shaky video. I was laughing so hard I nearly peed my pants. So if you’re in Jax (or somewhere close) and you haven’t come for the midnight knit-in, why not? Seriously, fun is always had.

In other knitting news, I’m in heavy design mode, writing up patterns for some lace designs. It’s very exciting. There is graph paper, and stitch dictionaries, and calculators… No really, it’s more fun than it sounds like. Oh and Kathe is leaving me in charge of the store again late this week. So come see me on Wednesday or Friday night for knit-in! (Not the midnight variety, but still good times!)

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  1. Shannon

    I am so bummed that I missed out on this fun. I am definitely going to make sure I am at the next one.


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