Isn’t she lovely?

by | Apr 28, 2005 | Uncategorized

My first two repeats of the lace in my soleil. Notice the uniform stitches. Notice the lack of crazy curling edges. I think I’m finally doing this right.

And in the oh my goodness what was I thinking category….

This is the first repeat of the lace for branching out. I think I like lace. I think I completely hate Rowan Kidsilk Haze. But that might just be me. I bought the peace fleece joint venture needles to work on this. Don’t repeat my mistake! The tips of those needles are just too blunt. For anything. I tried sharpening and waxing them. Still no luck. So I went back to my LYS and picked up a pair of Lantern moon needles. Oh my goodness. They were so expensive. Anyone know of lace patterns that I can work on these size 8’s? I need to get my money’s worth out of these.


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