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Famous last words aren’t they? Why, oh why does the city of Jacksonville schedule the majority of their fun events when it is hotter than Hades? Today I visited the World of Nations (lovely festival btw) and seriously thought I was gonna pass out. The heat and the people and the sun beating down on me… oy with the poodles already. I mean it was ridiculous. And of course the water racket – your only option was Dasani at $3 a bottle so it was $12 everytime we needed to hydrate the family. Ridiculous I tell you.
It was a busy weekend. Lots of fun, but lots of running. We started Friday with a concert for the big dude at the Landing. Again with the outdoor events in the no-shade, back-breaking heat. But he had a good time – here he is taking a bow after the concert (he’s the trumpet player with the white polo and long pants):


And then on Saturday I spent the day with Sugarbee and the boys hit up the local comic book stores for free comic book day!


The ghostbuster chickie loved little dude’s Chuck Norris shirt.


And I finished up the weekend by listing a few yarns on etsy. One of these days I will be able to take better photographs. These colors turned out lovely and true but I still have that fragging turquoise that I cannot for the life of me capture in photo. Anyone want a skein of Turquoise Semi-Precious sight unseen? I’ll cut you a great deal!



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  1. Brenda

    Holy Cow…you’re yarns are just the yummiest of colors! I’m about to cry because of this darn stash-fast I’m on.


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