It still fits.

by | Aug 1, 2005 | Uncategorized

I was a math major. I know how to use a ruler. Very well thank you. And my un-stretched tivoli does measure up at a 37″ bust. My gauge is nothing if not perfect. But it fits. My 37″ tivoli fits my 46″ bust. I just checked my bra size (again) and it’s a 42D. This is confusing me. Mucho confusing.

But I am plugging along. I’m almost done with the decrease rounds and then it will be time for the increases and finishing it off. It’s actually coming along quite quickly.

In other news, I have recommitted myself to getting healthy. My husband came across a nice crazy diet for the two of us to do. I think this one will really work. Because if we don’t cheat, and all of the food tastes like ass, we will quickly be down to eating nothing. Eating nothing makes you lose weight, right? Don’t worry, when you are as fat as I am, it’s not an ED. If you really want to read all the sordid details, go here.


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