It was a good day to dye…

by | Oct 24, 2008 | Uncategorized

See? That’s the awesome thing about dyeing and blogging. The word dye is just begging to be used in quotes and pithy sayings. In fact my head is full of them.

For my very first experiment with acid dyes, I think it went pretty well. I added too much dye to the pot, but that might have been because my crockpot was smaller than it should have been. Anyhow, for whatever reason the yarn turned out exactly like I pictured. The plan was this: one skein of natural malabrigo combined with chartreuse, gun metal, and royal blue acid dyes produces something that looks like Blackwatch for a hat for the man. Are you with me so far?

DSC04051carolan's glasses for mixing solution

I added the soaked yarn, I added the green, I added the blue. And then I freaked out when I saw this:

um, too much dye ya think?

So I never added the gunmetal. I was afraid that the yarn would turn so dark that it would not be visible with human eyes. Only dogs would be able to see it. So what did I do? Well, I put the crockpot on high, slapped on the lid, and walked away. Truth be told, I drove away. I went to the store and got some more dyeing supplies.

The absolutely fabulous end to this story is that I came home and pulled this out of the crockpot:

sinking it

Which turned into this:


Which when dried and wound up, turned into these various incarnations:




So color me impressed. I actually made what I set out to make. Alert the media.


  1. trillian42

    OMG! That’s GORGEOUS!!!

  2. kch

    Wow! Absolutely gorgeous! It’s hard to believe that this was your first time using acid dyes.

  3. Stacy

    It’s beautiful!

  4. LizzieK8

    How did you add the dyes? Just pour one on one side and one on the other side? I love the effect and have some undyed yarn….. 😉

  5. Daniele

    That came out great. I just love crock pot dyeing!! 🙂

  6. Jennifer

    Love it honey! Yay you! Where did you pick up the dyes locally? I’ve been wanting to get some, but I didn’t know they were availble locally. I was going to go through Knitpicks!

  7. Preita

    IT’S SO FREAKING AWESOME! I love the colors. I want to dye but I’m afraid of it. I’m not all about the putzy things & need something easy!

  8. Jackie

    That is some major nice yarn! Love, love, love it! Perfect the first time…..just like the drop spindle!

  9. GirlWithNeedles

    It’s beautiful! Now, what will it become?


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