It’s called a slump people.

by | Jun 30, 2005 | Uncategorized

A personal slump and a knitting one.

Personally: I gave up diet pepsi and diet coke. So I am now in the stronghold of the meanest caffeine/nutrasweet withdrawal headache/lethargy/vomiting mess… I feel so completely wretched. And it calls my name you know. Actually it more accurately screams for me to drink it, along with threatening more horrid side effects if I continue to deny myself the evil chemical cocktail.

We’ll talk about the other crap later.

Knitting. Well this is a story that is best told in pictures….

First we have the sitcom chic. AKA give it up sister you didn’t buy enough yarn and cotton ease is discontinued so they ain’t getting any more at the store you cleaned out of the white. This will be frogged in the near future.

Next we have the mariposa nightmare. I still don’t know what to do with the sides that don’t work in the back. But here is my pathetic strap progress:

Remember the 12 skeins of knitpicks? I still can’t figure out what to do with it. I cast on for the Raglan Tansy Tee, but decided I didn’t like it. This also needs frogging and re-winding.

So now I need some happiness. Some instant gratification. So I head to my LYS, buy a ball of berrocco plush and make this cutie for the girlie downstairs who has a girl on the way:

After that quick knit, I get the bright idea to make the boobholder from glampyre. Sorry sweetie, one size will not fit all in this case. And I don’t think I really wanna fuss with trying to figure out how to get it started, much less the math for the rest of it. Back to the frogpond.

I’m also working on a crocheted snood for a friend of mine. This is my practice snood starter. The real one will be in shiny red crochet thread with beads!

And we end our story in pictures with the only thing that makes me happy. My clapotis. The pattern is impossible to screw up and it’s seven shades of gorgeous.


  1. mamma

    You have the most georgeous yarn ever. I’m jealous of all of it. Your clapotis is wonderful. You pick great colors. After I read your rant about how fun clapotis is to knit and you didn’t understand the anit-clapotis wave I decided to give the pattern a try, and I’m smitten. Thanks for the recommendation.
    I’m currently battling my own addiciton to diet coke with lime. Diet coke is winning.

  2. sp4rincaro

    I’m so sorry to hear about your knitting woes. perhaps it’s just time for a small, itsy-bitsy break? I’m really going to have to find something special for your next pressy, to help cheer you up, huh?! Hang in there & don’t give up. You WILL get the mojo back!


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