It’s too darned hot!

by | May 31, 2008 | Uncategorized

Well the heat is coming. Or is here I guess. I was grumbling this morning about going to a birthday party that started at 10am. But by 1:30pm, it was too hot to be outside (and not in a pool) already. So the boys headed down to the pool with their dad and I am basking in the A/C and knitting.



In other news, is Missy not the cutest model ever for my Bonny sweater? I’m in summer class mode right now. This coming Saturday (6/7) I have the summer hat shown below. (Yes, I know I need a better picture but it’s blocking!) And then on the 21st we start the 3 class series for the Bonny Sweater. (Again I know this is blatant self promotion, but who else is gonna promote me?)


I just finished the Jivelle hat and it’s blocking, so I really should focus on some of this housework. I wonder if the man has any boxes in the garage that I can use to help organize the boys room. Blech. That means I have to go outside again. In the heat. I really should move somewhere colder. Seriously.


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