I’ve been remiss

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I brought my camera to the Jax Ravelers gathering yesterday, but I only took one picture.

sock & trish

That’s my finished Squirmy Wormy sock and Tricia. I really should have taken more pictures. So many wonderful people there, and so much bacon. Yes, I said bacon. Sugarbee’s mama (aka Mimi) makes these little chicken-bacon-brown sugar morsels of heaven. And she made lumpia, and some sort of wonderful banana strawberry egg roll, and yeah. Dude, I might not need to eat for week. But here are pictures of the things I brought home with me, starting with my Third Date sock yarn.


Next we have my new love, my drop spindle and my starter fiber.

spindle & roving

A lovely pink-orange batt for when I get better.

orange-pinky goodness


Doesn’t this look like fiber sushi?



You know I’ve talked about the colors on this cheap date yarn. But I think this picture speaks for itself. I mean in the sunlight the yarn positively glows with color. Yeah.



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