July Goal: Less than ten.

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I would like to have less than ten projects going. Right now I have 22. And I am itching, nearly dying, to cast on for two more. Make that three.

What’s calling my name? Mystery Stole Three. I have all the supplies. It would already be in the wip count if I hadn’t screwed it up like five times yesterday. The second project is Tomato, available for free download at Knitting Daily. Yes, I have the yarn for that as well. A beautiful cocoa color with a nice tan for the stripe. The third project would be the July washcloth pattern. I’m in the KnitWitz washcloth club and the July pattern is on its way.

So…. although I really dream of less than five, I’m shooting for less than ten. So how do I get there? I have 22 projects. I have to get rid of 15 of them to allow myself to cast on for three more to equal ten. Ok. I can do this.

Here’s the list of 22 and what I plan to do with them – the ones that say “Finish ASAP” are in the basic order I plan to finish them in:

Perdita — Finish ASAP
Blooms Bracelet — Finish ASAP
Bunny Washcloth — Finish ASAP
Pie Crust Cloth — Finish ASAP
Lacy Baby Bonnet — Finish ASAP
Lillian’s Tank — Finish ASAP
Silk & Mohair Scarf — Finish ASAP
Fuzzy Feet — Finish ASAP
Maximize Socks — Finish ASAP
French Silk Socks — Finish ASAP
Scotch Thistle Stole — Finish ASAP
Baby Boy Socks — Frog
Sarcelle — Frong
Splash Scarf — Frog

And the remaining seven:
CK Sweater
Sandy Cardigan
VK Fall 2005 #19
Via Diagonale
Embossed Leaves

Tell me I can do this?


  1. Batty

    That’s tough. I’d start with the small, easily finishable stuff like Fuzzy Feet and washcloths or bracelets. Once you get one or two done, you may get the finishing bug!

  2. Kaia

    Of course you can! Personally I’m amazed that you are still working on #19. I would have given up months ago!

    (Have you been to my “new” blog – http://www.procraftination.se/knitblog? Can’t remember if I shared it or not.)

  3. Kaia

    And FYI, this would be Karyn… I just have to log in to a blogger account to be able to comment!


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