Karmic Significance

by | Aug 28, 2005 | Uncategorized

I am not sure what this means in karmic terms… but look what I found today after church.

I had forgotten to check the mail on Saturday, and there it was lying on the concrete near all the mailboxes. OUTDOORS! I don’t know why he didn’t put it in one of the larger keyed boxes. It was open just as it appears, and fortunately it was dry. It’s postmarked June 10th. What the heck have they been doing with it for two and a half months?

Here’s the lovely yarn inside:

It’s a pretty mix of blues, yellows, and oranges. Not sure what I’m gonna do with it. I think I had originally intended it to be socks. It would make some nice autumn socks. Not that we get autumn around here. We just get hot and hotter.

Oh and wait just a gosh-danged minute! I’m so sorry Kim for any angst I caused you on this. See? I knew the knitting deities were just spanking me for some reason.

And I’m making progress on #19…

Wait, that’s not progress, that’s a hairy looking lump.

Here’s the true progress….

There is a place at about row 5 that looks like a mistake to me. But when I look at the actual shawl, that’s the way it’s designed. So…. It’s part of a series of yo’s & k2tog’s and I’m not sure how to correct said mistake without effing up the stitch count. So I’ll leave it be, I guess. The main body of the shawl is 6 repeats of a 36-row lace section. I’m on row 16. Surprisingly, it’s going faster than I expected.


  1. Jennifer

    Yeah! A swap package arrived. What a beautiful yarn too.

  2. GretchenX

    Ooooh, pretty pretties!! I love the yarn!! Hip Knits? And your lace looks lovely – I’m not ready to actually start knitting with lace weight, but you’ve got it!


  3. Kim


    Thank goodness you got it! Where in the world has it been!? I’ve mailed packages overseas that didn’t take nearly as long, I’m only in MD for pete’s sake.

    Hope you enjoy :o)


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