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Are you a KnitCompanion fan? If you don’t know, KnitCompanion is a nifty app that does all sorts of magic to knitting patterns. It helps you keep track of charts, has all kinds of highlighting features, and it evens helps you track those pesky “at the same time” directions. It’s good stuff!
They have set up a fabulous new shop where you can buy KnitCompanion versions of a ton of wonderful knit designs, including a couple of mine! These enhanced versions come completely set up with all of the KnitCompanion bells and whistles, and they go right into your Ravelry library. And I know how attached y’all to your Rav libraries!

Hassonite is now available in KnitCompanion version – helps you keep up with your rows and all that fancy lace at the bottom!


Nathari is also available – and it has a lot of lace going on so you know that KnitCompanion will help with all that!


And there’s more to come – lots more PicnicKnits designs will be going up in the KCDesigns shop. Of course you can always buy my designs and set them up in KnitCompanion yourself, but this lets you get to the knitting right away!

Plus the KnitCompanion Design Shop is chock full of all your favorite designers – check it out!


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