Last Minute Louie….

by | Feb 7, 2006 | Uncategorized

Aka a later gator. Procrastinator extraordinaire. That would be me. I *still* have not selected a project for the Knitting Olympics. I’m feeling a bit guilty though because I still haven’t knitted man socks. Or boy #1 socks. Boy #2 has socks. But that’s it. So it may just be that I try to finish boy #1 socks, and then do the man socks as my KO project. I got the book Sensational Socks and the man loves all the cable patterns. Trouble is, I don’t know if the yarn I have is enough for cabled man socks. I might run out. Which would be sucktastic and awful.

The real challenge this morning is to get off my duff, take a shower and get the day going. The more time I spend lollygagging on the internet, the less time I have to knit.


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