Lemon Bar Hangover

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Although some of my friends might let you know that I enjoy a drink a few times a week, I’m a cheap date. As in, I’m quite happy after 2 drinks. Due to this fact, I’ve never been hungover. I have crawled from the livingroom to the bedroom (of my own home thankyouverymuch) after 2 chocolate martinis, but that would be because those are *strong* drinks, to me at least.
Today I think I am hungover. Last night I did not drink. But I did overindulge. In lemon bars. See, here’s the problem. The lemon bars from the bakery are good size, bigger than the palm of your hand. But we get them cut into 4 pieces to serve at midnight knit-in. Nice, 2-bite lemon bars. But like I said, that’s the problem. If I ate an entire lemon bar, I would realize that yes I’ve had a huge lemon bar and that’s quite enough. But if I eat a little 2-bite lemon bar here and there… well there’s no telling how many of those little suckers I’ve had. But I have a headache the size of China.

I got home last night closer to 2am than to 1am. But it was worth it. Hopefully my knitting friends (new and old) will excuse my 11:30pm rant about the public schools here. A poor unsuspecting new friend asked me about my plans to become a teacher and someone else had just given me coffee!

It was full house last night at KnitWitz, if you missed it, you should definitely make the next one. Lots of laugh, lots of fun, lots of yarny goodness. Plus the more people who come the less likely it is for me to have a repeat of the lemon bar incident of 2008.




We made the token male sit on the floor in the middle of the circle. (No, not really.)


I was at the shop from 10am to well past midnight, with a nice little lunch break courtesy of Kimber (that’s her cheesing it up on left).


I taught magic loop socks in the morning (Hi Missy!) and knit on this little hat prototype off and on all day and night. It’s a good idea, but I need to think about the math a bit.


In other news, the Summer Chevron sat neglected yesterday. I think the sting of frogging two entire balls of rowan summer tweed was just too fresh. Here’s a pic of what it looked like before the frogging (nice mirror shot, eh?)


And here is where I worked back to…


Dude. What is the cure for a sugar hangover? Because seriously. Whoa.


  1. TeresaB

    Try protein for the sugar hangover. Maybe a “cube of cheese”. (Yeah, that’s my standby cure-all, but it might work!)

  2. kimber

    a coke and mcdonald french fries work best for a hangover for me.New blog is looking great however that dude avatar needs to be changed.

    See you soon


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