Lettuce take stalk…

by | Jan 5, 2006 | Uncategorized

Celery stalk that is. I’m telling you right now, the dieting is getting to me folks. No chocolate makes for a grumpy rincaro.

But seriously, let us take stock. What I’m knitting, what I wanna knit, what I’m not knitting that I should be knitting…

1. Things currently feeling the love…

Rogue – I’m putting in some time most days on the sleeves. Course it’s so danged hot here…

Um, that’s it. Nothing else is feeling the love.

2. Things that should be feeling the love…

Red boy socks – the poor guy. He hasn’t even noticed that mommy hasn’t touched his socks in a week or two. I really need to churn those out.

3. Things I wanna show the love to…

Something lacy. I guess that something will have to be the leaf lace shawl. I have the yarn, I have the needles. I just need to decide if I wanna do it single strand on smaller needles or double strand on bigger needles. Cause single strand on size 5’s is not making me a happy camper. I ordered lace yarn from knitpicks for the flower basket shawl, print of the wave shawl, and ene’s scarf, but they screwed up my order and I have to redo it. And now I won’t get $30 free shipping, I’ll have to settle for $40 free shipping. Not a huge deal, but now I’m refusing to reorder on principle.

Socks. I am not lucky in socks. I cast on the other day for pomatomus in knitpicks dancing (jig – greens, yellows, and blues) but it wasn’t quite right. The needles may have been too big. I have size 0 addis on the way. Those might make it better. I also want to make jaywalkers so badly, but I’m afraid to cast on after all of my false starts. I know that 76 stitches on size 1 addis with the sock garden is too small. Except for when it’s too big. But 84 on size 1’s always turns out too big. I think. Would 76 work on size 2’s? Or would that be too loosey goosey. It’s giving me gas. Gas I tell you. I’m tempted to pick up one of the self-striping yarns in my stash and just give the bird to jaywalkers. But it’s such a nice pattern. *sigh*

Via Diagonale. I ordered some black & rose cotton for this. I’ve coveted this bag for awhile and I think pink & black will be a good everyday combination. Or at least less frightening than my favorite color combo – pink & orange! The yarn I ordered is thicker than the rec’d yarn, but I’ll figure that out later.

I have yarn for so many projects it’s frightening. What is it in me that just wants more?


  1. Jennifer

    I hear ya on the wanting more yarn even though I’ve got a ton. I think we need a 12 step program.

  2. Beth

    Don’t feel bad about the Jaywalkers. So many knitters have had trouble. And frankly, when I see that many problems getting a good fit, I just avoid the pattern altogether.

    I’m anxiously awaiting FO pics of Rogue!


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