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We had a wonderful Christmas in our new house. Christmas Eve we dressed up and headed to Mass and then over to an annual Christmas Eve party that we attend. Even though we don’t have family in town, it’s nice to have friends that treat you like family. This particular family has known the man since he was a wayward teenager and they still invite us over, so that’s nice.
We would have slept in nice and late on Christmas morning. The boys being 12 and 13 they don’t get you up at the buttcrack of dawn like little ones do. But unfortunately 2011 will be remembered as Merry Poopmas or Poop-Pocalypse 2011. Rufus the wonder beagle is afraid of boxes. When we’ve moved in the past he has made this quite evident. I think the stress of our recent move and the big boxes for the man’s Christmas presents sent him over the edge. We woke up way too early to a dog who had filled his sleeping crate with poo. So the dog and the crate and the surrounding floor got washed very early. Thank goodness the floor was tile.  He looks so innocent here, but don’t let it fool you.


The boys were very happy with their presents – the big dude had a very video game Christmas. He even got video game inspired t-shirts. I am totally not happy with how fast he is growing up.


The little dude got a lot of wrestling related gifts and tees. He is still all about the wrestling. They even got to go and see the Smackdown taping here in town a few weeks ago. He desperately needs a haircut, but I’m loathe to chop off his curls.


The man got manly things, like firepits and toolboxes and things for the Jeep. Hence the big boxes that caused the poo. I had a totally camera Christmas. Sadly the 50mm lens that I got for Christmas was flawed, so I had to send it back. But a new one is already en route, so no worries. And even with the flaws, did you see that awesome pic I got of Rufus up there? Love it!

But now I’m thinking about 2012. Not in an end the world sort of way, but more in a what do I want to do with the year sort of way. I already have a motto for 2012. And a buzzword. My buzzword is mighty. And my motto?

She believed she could, so she did.

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  1. Batty

    That’s a great motto!


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