Lost Days

by | Oct 31, 2013 | Uncategorized

Well I didn’t make it the month blogging. But life goes on. Actually life rushes on with all its fun madness. Well some fun. Actually Trunk or Treat was a roaring a success and a ton of fun! But before and after that has been a lot of sickness in the house. Which hasn’t been fun at all. Especially when it’s me. I have a tendency to want to go 100mph even when I’m sick, and it’s just not working. You just end doing things like falling asleep in your minivan during cross country practice when you are supposed to be knitting – this actually happened. And I drooled.  But like I said, life goes on.
The 6th sheep is late, but the e-book subscribers got a little tide over. If you are an e-book subscriber and didn’t receive the message, please e-mail me and we’ll get you sorted. I’m doing the last edging stitches this morning and it should be ready tomorrow.


And while I don’t want to be wishing my life away, I’m ready for November. I’m hoping it’s a little quieter, a little healthier, a little easier. And a lot more productive!

And just until the 6th Sheep is released, I’m having a little BOGO sale on everything. That’s buy one get one free y’all. Me being quiet this last week – everywhere, not just this blog – has resulted in other things quieting down, and this business has got to keep going. The sale will only last about a day and a half, and you can use the code “november” in my store to take advantage. Here’s looking forward to November!


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