The Lost Weekend

by | Feb 20, 2012 | Uncategorized

It was a very, very long weekend. The boys were sick last week so what was supposed to be a 4-day weekend ended up being a 5 and 6-day weekend. Boys at home means nothing get done of course. But it was ok. Because I had a reprieve. The boys headed to MegaCon on Saturday morning not to return til late Sunday. Two days of uninterrupted design time. Or so I thought.
It actually started out pretty well. The boys left early, so I was awake and dressed early and was ready to go. I have two collections I’m working on, so I broke out all the stitch dictionaries I had marked up and got to swatching. I had a ton of stuff on my dvr to watch, so I was all set. Of course my swatching my interrupted by the constant whining of the dog to go in and out but we will pretend that didn’t happen. Because if we acknowledge the constant whining of the dog we might have to sell him. Grrr.

After I cleared out my part of the DVR I went back to watching Lost. I had started watching it back in the day, but that was before we had a DVR and I missed way too much and gave up on it. But it’s all on netflix so I can watch all the episodes in order without missing a thing! At this point I had made no progress at all. I had ripped out swatch after swatch. Hindsight being 20/20 what I really needed to be doing was a bit more charting before I started to swatch. But I was acting like this was all organic and artsy. Bad move.

By the end of the day Saturday I had nothing to show for it and I had to admit defeat and go to bed. Let me just tell you, sleeping alone for the first time in the new house was weird. All sorts of noises that I never noticed before. But I slept ok, and got up at 7am to let the dog out. I thought after that I could sleep for a bit longer, but he was bound and determined to whine and howl until I got out of bed.

But it was ok. I was gonna make progress – I thought. I was wrong. Come noon the boys informed me they would be home around 3pm and I was sick. Something hit me wrong and my stomach was in knots. So after getting sick I opted to lie down til 2pm. Figuring I would get up and tidy up before the boys arrived. They arrived at 2:15. Someone was being a speed demon. And the weekend continued it’s course of making sure that nothing that I planned came out quite right.

But the evening wore on, the boys were in good spirits and I swatched something that didn’t quite work in some lovely Wollmeise. But would it work in something heavier – like some Tosh DK?

Why yes, yes, I think it does.


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