Magic is boring.

by | Jul 21, 2005 | Uncategorized

Subtitle: I am a one-armed bandit.

I bought some Moda Sassy Stripes on clearance. It’s one of those magic striping yarns. It’s the storm colorway, all greys, etc. It’s for man socks. I started on them, and waited for the magic stripes to appear. It’s kind of disappointing. Course that might be what I get for buying cheap yarn on clearance that isn’t really sock yarn. I might have to actually splurge on some Lang for myself, so I can see what real magic yarn works up like.

I’m trying to be a finisher. That’s why I’m one-armed. Or more specifically one-strapped. I had to do some fancy seaming, and it’s not a wrap top, but my Mariposa is about 85% finished. I need to weave in a few ends, and make one more strap. The intarsia straps are a royal pain in the patootie. And then some. But I have a working strap and it seems to fit. I asked for the man’s opinion. He just leered at me and said, “It makes your boobs look large.” Hmmph. Now I’m not tiny, but I’m definitely not busty. So I don’t know if that was a backhanded compliment or what. Or if he’s just being a guy and in his esteemed opinion anything that accentuates the boobs is a good thing?

I’m still trying to make up my mind about the shapely tank. I only have a few inches on the front, but it seems like a very dense fabric. Dense heavy fabrics are not so happy here in the land of hot.

And that knitpicks shine. It sits in a pretty basket on my nightside table. And taunts me. I’m toying with the idea of knitting a tivoli tee in it. The designer hasn’t offered one in plus size, but I’m feeling pretty confident about the whole math thing. So I think I could totally swing it.

What color shorts should I wear with my “melon and fuschia” mariposa top. White would go, but my ass in white shorts? I’d get arrested for scaring people.


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