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Despite all evidence to the contrary, I am still alive. Between book stuff, and life stuff, and my brother getting married stuff, and driving across the country stuff it’s been a whirlwind. I cannot believe it’s already most of the way through July. We are finishing up our family vacation, but the boys have less than a month until they are back in school. It’s insane.


That picture is the first time the six of us have been in one room since I was 19. In case you missed my birthday sale, I am now 42. That’s 23 years. My sister, me, my dad, brother, step-mom, and baby sister. By the way, if you’re wondering I have the best step-mom in the history of the world. Ever. And she’s also an amazing Grandma. Just ask my boys!

We are currently finishing up our trip in Louisiana – with just a couple days left. We are planning a short visit to New Orleans – I’ve never been!  It’s been fun, but I’ll be honest and tell you – I cannot wait to sleep in my own bed and use my own shower. Heck, I’m even looking forward to using my own kitchen and washing machine!

You may have missed my birthday sale this go-around – I wasn’t great about promoting it on the road. So we have a little special for today and tomorrow – make your own e-book!


Have you ever looked at my e-books and thought they would be perfect if you could just swap out one pattern, or two, or the whole shebang? Well today is your day. You can pick any seven patterns you want from my shop and put them in your cart. Add the coupon code “mine” and you get the whole mess for e-book price – $21.95!

I haven’t been blogging much recently, but I am gonna get back to it. You can also find me on instagram or twitter as picnicknits – for mini updates on what’s going on. As well as gratuitous pictures of my handsome boys. See?

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