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by | Jan 10, 2012 | Uncategorized

Today I’m trying something new. A different kind of promotion. One that I think is a nice discount/reward for all my awesome customers, and also allows me to do a sneaky bit of market research. I have two nice e-books with shawlettes. And I’m seriously considering another one. But I’m curious to what sort of collection you would put together if you had all the freedom to choose.
So… for the next couple of days I am running a “Make Your Own E-Book” sale. Here’s the deal: You go to my pattern store. You add 6 patterns to your cart. Normally those six patterns would cost you $36. But then you add in the coupon code “ebook” and it takes off a nice chunk of change. So now, you have 6 patterns of your choosing for only $20! Quite a nice little bargain, eh?

And the beauty part of this is for this limited time, you get to choose exactly which six patterns you would like! So what would make up your dream PicnicKnits e-book?


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