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Did I spell that right? Who knows. All I know is that my house is a post-Christmas disaster, even though everything is put up. But yesterday, in the mail, I got this:

And I want to make the butterfly (there on the cover) so very badly. But fat girls do not look good in gauzy lacy things that you wear over tank tops. So…. I guess I will print out lots of pictures of the too skinny model and put them on fridge? I don’t know.

I’m done with the charts on the rogue sleeves. Now comes the mind-numbing stockinette and shaping. I need to pick up a zipper this weekend. Of course yesterday I was wearing shorts. But presumably it will get chilly again. I hope.

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  1. mamma

    You have it, you have the butterfly pattern. I’m so green with envy. I might hate you and your beautiful beautiful pattern.


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