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I love dyeing yarn. Really love it. But there are other parts that are less fun. Like the re-skeining and the photography. I think I might have to take some sort of photography class because honestly, I suck. I take 20 pictures and I’m lucky to get one useful one. (That picture above? Not particularly useful). Oh well. I’m enjoying the yarny stuff. I have an order of some merino roving to dye up, and I’m really looking forward to that. No reskeining!!! But still with the photographing. Oy with the poodles already.


This is very, very cool btw. KnottyLa and KnittyKnitterton of ravelry and blogland have come up with another awesome sock club idea. Sign ups start today and this is one of those very fun ones that you don’t want to miss out on. Super secret colorways and the kind of snarky goodness that you’ve come to expect from them – especially if you’re familiar with their rubberneckin’ skills.


  1. Kate

    ya know, it’s a real shame that we aren’t ANYWHERE near each other cause I LOVE takin. pictures…

  2. Daniele

    I for one think your photos are lovely! As for the club – OH! I am so torn over this one!!!

  3. Batty

    Argh, the temptation! I’m currently knitting up my Caloroso socks, which I didn’t get around to during the last sock club I joined because I visited your blog… you’re a dangerous woman to know!Sock yarn… pretty patterns… ooooh…..

    I’m also not a big friend of reskeining. Or of winding skeins into balls when I’m ready to use the yarn. I haven’t seen my ball winder in ages (it’s buried under stash), and the cats think the swift is one enormous kitty toy. Go figure.

  4. Jackie

    Your photos are always SO nice!


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