marsupial is now one of my least favorite words

by | Mar 17, 2005 | Uncategorized

I tried so hard to make the pouch that goes inside Meema’s Felted Marsupial Tote (from Stitch ‘n Bitch) which attaches with an i-cord. I finally got a knitted pouch that I liked, attached it with an i-cord and felted it. The pouch sucked. The i-cord got all twisted and twice as long as it started. And the pouch itself was all warped from the i-cord pulling on it. I tried to block it, but it was useless. So I cut it out. My bag is in the washer right now – re-felting to hide where I cut it out. I don’t think I cut the actual bag stitches, just the stitches that connected the pouch. I hope. I will just freak if it has a big hole in it now. The bag itself worked very quickly, but the yarn was expensive. It used 4 hanks, and each one cost $6.50. That’s $26 worth of yarn down the toilet if this didn’t work.


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