Math: A very lazy weekend equals…

by | Jul 18, 2005 | Uncategorized

…a very busy Monday.

Saturday morning I shopped. For groceries, and shampoo, and health food items, etc. And of course what should I find at the K-Mart while looking for some jet dry? You’ve guessed it. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. So there you go. It was only $18 and it had a very pretty cover. And I had planned to resist the buying temptation, but that was not to be.

So after I put all of my purchases away I settled in with it. The man had guy plans, something to do with soldering and hex wrenches. So the boys played quietly for awhile and I read. But then they got the ants in their pants. So we went to the pool and I read. And I read while I fixed TSP barbecue sandwiches. And while I poked holes in the baked potatoes I was baking for dinner. (Yes I cut my finger). And finally I read (and bawled) after the man desserted me and went to the bedroom to watch car shows. So on Saturday, basically all I did was read.

On Sunday there was church of course. And then the beach. We took the top off the jeep and drove out to Hugenott. Where you can *drive* on the beach. And the man does love any opportunity to drive the jeep off-road per se. So we beached it. And the boys and the man did the wave splashing thing while I sat under a big umbrella and knitted. I made amazing progress on my shapely tank.

And then we came home and the boys went back to the pool (supposedly to wash off sand but whatever) with the man and I took a very, very, very long shower. After which I watched Mystery! and discovered two things.

1. Even if you spend most of your beach time under an umbrella coated in sunscreen, the open top Jeep ride will guarantee you still get a bit of a sunburn.

2. The shapely tank I was knitting was not going to fit my shape. So I had to do more complicated math to put together a pattern that was gonna fit me.

Which led me to conclusion the third:

3. I am freakishly misshapen. I mean I always knew I was a pear, but holy cow. When I got out the measuring tape and proceeded to draw my little shapely tank diagram it looked more like a pyramid than a tank top.

Oh and busy Monday? I have mountains of laundry, and doctor appointments and all manner of fun housework. Which I loathe. Yes I said loathe. Loathe is not too strong a word for housework. Trust me.


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