Matilda the Magnificent

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So I got sick this weekend. Up all night Thursday night and Friday I was useless. Saturday was supposed to be a beach day with the man’s work, but I did not feel up to it at all. So the man went out yesterday morning to get some much needed service work done on the minivan. Velma was a 2006 Town & Country, but her alignment was off again and a driving vacation is less than 3 weeks away.
So I’m home in my jammies trying to get some knit design work done and knocking back the airborne when he calls to let me know there is over $1000 of work needed on the van and maybe it was time to look at something new. I freaked out. A little bit. Ok, a lot. But we talked and I thought about it logically. Velma needed a lot of work. Velma also had some wonky thing going on with her a/c where condensation pooled under the passenger side floor mat (it was a problem in the older T&C’s). Velma had also decided to stop letting us roll up the passenger side window. Basically she needed more work on top of the $1000 of immediate work.

So am I going to start every paragraph with so? Geesh. So I got up, cleaned up, put on a nice summer dress and some makeup and tried to make myself not look like the living dead. Because sending the man out to buy a new van alone could be dangerous. But the man had done his homework. He had seen the writing on the wall for Velma and had already sussed out some places that had much newer Town & Country’s. Ones without wonky AC or needing tie rods or other such nonsense.

Meet Matilda.

Matilda has lots of windows that all roll down in the right way. Matilda is very shiny and has power everything. Matilda has two DVD/TV things in the back which the boys are a little old for but they still think is very cool. The boys are very excited about having their own A/C controls and butt warmers. I’m not sure why we need butt warmers in Florida, but hey butt warmers is fancy, yes?

But most of all Matilda is proof that my husband worries more about my safety and comfort than I realize. Last night as we went to bed he said, “You just spend so much time in that van with the boys, and I need to know you all are safe and comfortable.” The man is good. Long live the man.


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