May Day

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Or mayday as the case may be. I’m actually very glad it’s May. Normally it’s the month of February that is the short and painful bane of my existence, but this year April was not so good. Stitches was awesome, but my running was off, and my entire family has been butting heads for what seems like the entire month. And just to add insult to injury…

Just when I was on my way to my first ever (planned to be) completely running 5K race, someone decided that they were above the traffic laws (not me!). A lady failed to look or yield at an intersection, and although I was going pretty slow, I still got the rear end of her. So I’ve spent some time thanking God that neither my son (!!!!) nor I was hurt, and that my husband bought me a tank of a Chrysler minivan that meant ours was not the car that went a-spinning.

So no race for me or the big dude. He was particularly grateful when a friend came to pick him up for a sleepover. I kept kissing him and hugging him out of the blue and being grateful that he wasn’t hurt. I’m also grateful for Geico. They don’t mess around with this stuff. I have an appointment Monday morning with an adjuster at a collision shop where my rental car will be waiting for me.

There are pretty things in the works. I have two new patterns that are nearly done – here’s a sneak peek of one of them.


And because it’s May, and it’s Sunday, and I’m grateful for so many things, and because I’d like to offset the cost of the insurance deductible… I’m having a SALE. (The other driver has insurance, but I can’t wait for that to be sorted out, and Geico says they will go after her to get our money back.) But anyhow, back to the sale. For today and tomorrow, Mayday and um, the second day of May, everything in the PicnicKnits Store is 25% OFF! So kiss the ones you love, thank the ones you’re grateful for, and buy some patterns!


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