Meema’s Felted Tote sans the evil marsupial pouch…

by | Mar 20, 2005 | Uncategorized


After felting – 3 hot cycles in my washer:

I love it though. Although I swear the tote in the book is a variation of that pattern and not the pattern as shown. There is no way they made that pouch from that pattern (not the colors part anyhow) and the tote I have is much taller and more narrow than the wide & low tote they picture. Oh well. Just another thing to gripe about I guess.

I’m in the process of making two more: One that is blue with the same pink for the upper part, but wider and shorter. One that is a big variation of the pattern, all black, with a 14×50 base (as opposed to 16×44) that has long straps and a flap a la messenger bag style. I’m almost finished with that one.


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