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I listened to a neat audiobook a few months ago – it was called Rework. It’s a fascinating read, and really easy to listen to. It’s about modern businesses and ways that they undermine themselves. One of the things they railed against were meetings. “Meetings are toxic” they proclaim and they give all this supporting information about how many man hours you waste by having meetings.

(Meeting Graphic via 37signals – the authors of Rework)

Being a one-woman show I don’t have a lot of meetings with myself. I do some google hangouts with fellow designers, but really the only meetings I attend are volunteer meetings. A volunteer meeting tonight would be one of the reasons tonight’s blog post is so very, very late. But hey, I didn’t miss it!

Actually I think some meetings are toxic. And I’ve been seriously considering which meetings I decide to spend my time on. I only have so much free time in the evenings, and I really need to measure where my energy goes. I think it’s more important to direct that energy towards my family than some of the meetings I’ve been to lately!

Speaking of efficient time use, I’ve been trying to use all my mom taxi time listening to audiobooks that help my business (or my current level of crazy which is at orange I think!). I’m looking for things that apply to running and marketing my small craft business. Or things that will help me manage my business without destroying my family life. Any suggestions?


  1. YarnAddictAnni

    I”d love to hear which book suggestions u get. Love listening to audio books.

  2. florapie

    Ugh-I had a 2.5 hour work meeting this afternoon. Had it been a conference call rather than an actual sit in a room with clients meeting, I could’ve finished the crochet edging on the baby blanket I’m making!


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