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by | Mar 21, 2007 | Uncategorized

So today I took the boys to the park for a playdate with a bunch of other kids. We had a fantastic time. I packed my toe-up sock. You know, the one I’m working on for the class I’m teaching? Oh wait. Did I tell you about that? I finished one session of a toe-up sock class last Saturday. I need to have the heel flap finished by the next on April 7th.

I gave the sock away.

Let me repeat that.

I gave the sock away. The in progress sock. The Lorna’s Laces Baltic Sea Shepherd Sport yarn on a size three 40″ brand effing new addi needle.

I gave the sock away. Fortunately the person is gonna give it back. But the person is on the other side of town. I put the sock in a ziploc this morning, and put the ziploc in a paper grocery sack with handles. The sack that was full of scrapping supplies I had offered up on freecycle. I thought I had put it in the other sack. I was wrong.

So now my mojo is all confuzzled. I have that tank top for the shop to work on. I really need to whip that puppy out. But instead of working on that tonight, I scoured the internets for the perfect pattern for some long-neglected yarn. The beautiful terracotta Misti pima silk. I didn’t find the perfect pattern. And now my neck hurts from sitting at the computer too long.

I think it’s time to go to bed before something else bad happens knitting wise.

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  1. Batty

    It’ll be back, your mojo. And the sock too. I misplaced my mojo earlier this year, but now it has returned with a vengeance. It’ll be OK.


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