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by | Sep 18, 2008 | Uncategorized

Oh my. I’m pretty sure where my mojo went. I think it was stolen. And the culprit keeps finishing things and being all productive with her knitting. And we all know that ain’t right.
I just feel like any little bit of knitting I do is for naught. So I must return to the very unpopular rule of knitting productivity. Which is to pick one project and work on it til it’s finished. I have fifteen wips. Fifteen! That’s not good for me at all. Four of them are orphan socks. So sad. It seems the only thing I can finish lately is hats. So not cool.

lady square

You may have seen this picture before. I can’t remember. I would show you a new one, but there’s nothing to see. But I figure the February Lady Sweater is a good one to work on. Of course it’s not cold here, but there will be a few cold days coming sometime soon. So the lady sweater it is, and I will work on it until it is done. (Except for a few design commitments that is).


The yarn is gorgeous. Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted in the semi-solid Cranberry. The yarn almost glows, and it’s really dreamy to work with. So if anything will help me get my mojo back, this will. Right? Right? Lie to me if you have to!


  1. Preita

    LOVE the color on you FLS. Trust me, as soon as you hit the lace it will zoom by! the garter st seems to take forever!

  2. Jackie

    I’d say the 4 orphan socks = 2 complete pairs!
    The FLS looks gorgeous and the yarns looks yummy! I love semi-solids!

    All your knitty friends have heard the BOLO for your Mojo and I’m sure it will be returned to you soon!


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