Mmmm…. bacon.

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I read once where someone compared bacon to a potato chip that was made out of meat. I have a bit of trouble wrapping my head around that one, but I guess it’s kind of right. What I do know is that I had bacon this morning for breakfast that was so good it nearly brought tears to my eyes. Yeah.


This is not our normal Gainesville driver. This is blogless Jackie. Jackie get a blog. All the cool kids have one!


This is however one of my regular partners in crime.

sock in repose

This is my new favorite place to take pictures. The dash of Jackie’s Pilot. Beautiful light, nice scenery, all around good deal.


Although in the front seat, navigating with our friend Carmen the Garmin, the light is pretty good in my lap too.

paradise by the dashboard

And finally we have man yarn. Edgewater to be exact. For man socks.

At least that’s what I told him when I got him. I got the whole day to run around with the girlies. The least I can do is make him a pair of socks. Right? Right. Must find man pattern for man socks.

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