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I really love running. I run slower than a herd of turtles stampeding through peanut butter, but I love it. But I haven’t been doing it. I haven’t been taking very good care of myself lately, but I’m putting a stop to that nonsense. And a (re)start to my running career.
Last week I went to the doctor. With a sideways glance she deemed me an unreasonably healthy fat woman. She’s doing bloodwork to check a few things like my vitamin D, but everything else looks good. That tentative stamp of good health and one other little thing convinced me to start running again.

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Rainloverknits has put together a virtual 5K for all of us fibery folks. It’s the Woolly Trot 5K! I am super excited about this. She’s even sent out a couch to 5K training program for us all to use. If you are a rank beginner you can ease into running with this program. Trust me, if it works for me it will for anyone. This is how I started running and how I will do it again!

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This morning after I took the boys to 6:30 am workouts I headed to the bike path. It was dark. It was raining. The rain didn’t bother me but I wasn’t real happy about the dark. So I downloaded the mapmyrun app in the ole minivan and waited for the sun to start to come up!

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I did my run/walk thing through the nice quiet path. I didn’t see anyone this morning – I blame the rain – wusses! But I said hello to the cows in the pasture. And I really just felt proud of myself. For getting out there and doing it again. I always feel so good after a run – even if like today I only technically ran for 8 minutes of the total time. I have to remember that good feeling when I don’t want to lace up my running shoes the next time!

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The mapmyrun app is nifty. It uses GPS to measure your total distance, and gives you your time and your splits. Do you know what a split is? It’s your pace per mile for each mile in the run. Miles 1 and 2 I was doing walking and running. Mile 3 I just walked. So sad that I can walk faster than I can run. But hey – it’s a beginning!

Do you want to start running? Or are you already running and need some motivation? The Woolly Trot 5K fundraiser is still going – she’s reached her goal, but you can still use it to register and get swag until April 5th. The t-shirts will be awesome tech shirts and I’m a sponsor so my logo will be on your back somewhere. You know you want one! There is also a Woolly Trot 5K group on Ravelry and we are discussing training already! Come join us!


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