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My husband makes fun of me – rather mercilessly actually – but I love my cheesy 70’s music. I know all the words and I sing along (badly) as I do my housework. I was born in the early 70’s so I guess I heard a lot of it from my mom, but there is really no great explanation for why I love it so. I might just be a big goober. Ok, so I’m definitely a goober. Give me some Cat Stevens and I’m a stupidly happy girl. Peace Train, Moonshadow…


Ok, so I didn’t really name it Moonshadow. I should do a cheesy 70’s song title yarn or fiber line though. Although there might be rules against that. But I digress. This is Moonstone. And it’s my new favorite of my Semi Precious Line.

Speaking of favorites I have a new favorite thing on the internet. It’s not social if you can believe that. No it’s 100% practical. Boring, you say? Actually it’s really helping. It’s Toodledo – and it’s an online to-do list that will actually send you e-mail reminders if you so desire. And it’s free!!! I haven’t been getting enough done lately and today I’ve done nearly all of my to-do list. In fact I’m drinking some diet pepsi right now so that I can stay up long enough to check one more thing off the list.

Who knows how long the Toodledo motivation will last. But I am the Supreme Empress of Procrastination, so if it’s helping me…

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  1. Daniele

    Ah – excellent name and great color! My husband too makes fun of me. I retaliate……. We love it! 🙂


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