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Did you know you can send PicnicKnits patterns as gifts? Ravelry has a handy-dandy feature that allows you to send patterns as gifts to Ravelry users and just any old regular knitter who has an e-mail address! So today we have a tutorial – and a big sale! All of my patterns today are 50% off – which means some patterns are more than $2.50, but some patterns are actually less – no coupon code required! So let’s get started!
Pick a pattern, any pattern, you want to gift to someone. Let’s look at the Lotier Cowl.

After you’ve clicked the send as gift, it will ask you who you want to send the gift to. You can choose a ravelry user name, or an e-mail address. If they have a ravelry user name, choose that – that way the pdf will be stored in their ravelry library for them!

You can then preview the gift. If you know the avatar of the Ravelry user, it will show up at this point so you know it’s going to the right person! By the way, the discount won’t show up – not yet!

Next up comes the order confirmation screen. This is where you see the sale price (in this case only $2.25!!!) and you will be able to enter your paypal information as well to make the purchase.

Once you do this, you’re all set, and your gift recipient will receive notification of your gift! So remember, all patterns are 50% off so today is a great day to shop and give gifts – to others or yourselves. I leave you with my husband’s red-nosed jeep for Sunday’s night luminaries. Apparently they were quite the hit!

And oh my goodness. I had no idea there was so much wonderful Christmas cheese on youtube. Here’s some more for ya!


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