Munchkinland Socks

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A long time ago Woolgirl contacted me about doing a sock club pattern for her. Let me just say, working for Woolgirl is awesome. She sends me gorgeous yarns to work with and she always has the neatest themes going for her clubs. Anytime she comes asking, I say yes! And if you haven’t had  a Woolgirl club package, well you are missing out. It’s not a pattern and a skein of yarn. It’s all the fixings. She finds the most amazing people and each package has different little extras, all geared towards the theme and always amazing.
So last winter she sent me this:


This being some Smooth Merino Fine from Kitchen Sink Dyeworks. Beautiful, yes? So soft and so pretty. The colorway is based upon the descriptions of the book, and in the book Munchkinland is decidedly blue. So I got some of that, and I sent her back some of this:

This being the Munchkinland Sock. I wanted something a little different. I didn’t want a plug and play sock, so this sock is chart heavy. There are written instructions too, but trust me, it’s easier to use the charts. It’s got all sorts of details that make me happy. Like the way the patterning comes to a point on the instep:


And the way the lace pattern extends all the way to the back of the heel. These are great socks to wear with clogs:


There is no heel flap, no short-row heel. The gusset has an insert panel that does all the increasing for you so everything stays all pretty and organic:


And here’s the beauty part. The skein of yarn that you see below? It’s an extra! An extra that I’m giving away to launch the public release of the Munchkinland socks patterns. And sadly, Kitchen Sink Dyeworks is out of business, so this is like a collector’s item! All you have to do to be entered to win is comment with your favorite Wizard of Oz character.


So comment to enter, and you could win this skein of Munchkinland Sock Yarn, and a copy of the Munchkinland sock pattern. The winner will be chosen on Monday, March 19th. Or pick up a copy of the Munchkinland Sock pattern, which is now available for purchase. The details:

Needles: Size 2 needles (2.75 mm)

Yarn: 400 yards of fingering weight yarn, sample is shown in Kitchen Sink Dyeworks Smooth Merino Fine, 100% Superwash Merino – 400 yards

Gauge: 30 stitches and 40 rows = 4 inches in stockinette in the round

Sizes: Small/Medium (64 st) and Medium/Large (72 st)

Munchkinland Socks are available to purchase for $6.00 USD



  1. Hillary

    As I just said on twitter… You come out with so many beautiful patterns all the time and I can’t knit that fast. These socks are no exception. I love the leaf-like detail with the cable going through the center. Also, they’re blue and you’ve got a unique construction once again.

  2. Christine

    I’m going to go with the lollipop kids! Beautiful sock pattern!
    BellyLaugher on Rav

  3. sbm

    Your socks are just as beautiful as your shawls! Bravo!

  4. Vanessa

    I love the point on the instep. My favorite characters from the book are the China people that Dorothy breaks or General Jinjur. Knitting needles as a weapon? Heck yeah!

  5. Judi A.

    These socks are beautiful. Really like the pattern and the yarn.

  6. Allison

    What an interesting heel construction! I love the color of the socks, too. My favorite character would probably be the Wicked Witch of the West, because of her socks 🙂

  7. Jess

    What a gorgeous pattern! That colorway shows it off perfectly!
    SameOldKnit on Rav

  8. Lobug

    Gorgeous socks. Well done.My fave Oz character? The Lion. For sure. 🙂

  9. Anne Marie

    What a gorgeous pattern. Amazing, really. Would be a challenge I’d love to try. And what yummy yarn.

  10. Jessica L'Heuruex

    This pattern is so beautiful. I’ve started knitting socks for myself again and would love the opportunity to knit these.jesseknits @ Rav

  11. Closeacademy

    Love that pattern. It is so pretty and blue is my favorite color. As for the Wizard of Oz, I am a romantic so I like the Tin Man best.

  12. Kenyetta

    very interesting heel!Kenyetta on Ravelry

  13. rose

    My favorite character from the Wizzard of Oz would be Dorothy, I always wanted a pair of the red shoes!

  14. cara

    Lovely socks and pattern.
    Toto the dog is the character I liked the most!

  15. Brenda

    The Scarecrow is my favorite. LOVE the new pattern…already purchased! We’re going to MD soon to check things out and I’m already looking at yarn shops to visit…now I have a pattern to buy for! Thanks for the drawing and pattern!

  16. InJuneau

    The Lion! And I’m currently knitting a Woolgirl pair of Courage Socks in the Cowardly Lion colorway!
    (InJuneau on Rav)

  17. Rose

    Lovely pattern and yarn. Thank you for the chance to enter your giveaway.
    I always had a soft spot in my heart for the Tin Man.

  18. Amanda

    Gorgeous socks!

  19. cguard(on rav)

    The scarecrow of course- if I only had a brain!

  20. Angie S.

    I must say the Lion is my favorite! Love, the yarn color and the design is beautiful.

  21. Heather

    That is really very beautiful — what a gorgeous pair of lace socks, and a kind giveaway!
    My favourite character from the “Wizard of Oz” is the Wicked Witch, because there’s a little witch inside every woman, and besides, I also love “Wicked” 😉

  22. Lise

    Well, I loved the Judy Garland interpretation so much as a child that I named my younger daughter Dorothy (and she *does* get the ToTo jokes aimed at her quite often).
    Love the socks, they’re amazing!

    (Lynnette on Ravelry)

  23. AmyS

    My favorite character is actually the Munchkin undertaker… I love his line about “she’s not only merely dead, she’s really most sincerely dead”. Even know, just singing it in my head made me laugh out loud.
    (PprmntMochaMama on Ravelry)

  24. Aubrey

    Simply beautiful socks. I love how elegant the flow from toe to lace looks. Really well done!

  25. Linda Cee

    LOVE the socks (and the yarn!!)My favorite character from the Wizard of Oz would have to be The wicked witch of the west or the flying monkeys (who wouldn’t love flying monkeys? They’re sooo cute!!)

    lindacee on Ravelry

  26. patsy coats

    Glenda the Good Witch. I thought she was so pretty when I was a little girl.

  27. Pat

    I always identified with Dorothy. She is a bit scared of the new & different but plows on into the challenges trying keep her spirits high.
    Love the sock pattern and the yarn is luscious.

  28. Penny

    I love them allllllll! But if I have to choose one….I would have to say the scarecrow.
    These socks are beautiful!!

    (sch4gators on RAV)

  29. Connie K.

    I love the flying monkees! Thanks for the chance to win.

  30. Debbie H

    Oh my gosh! the socks are beautiful! And I love the color! I would love to win. Thanks! Debbie H gussek on Ravelry

  31. Knittinggirl13 (rav)

    Oh wow… these socks are just beautiful! And so is the colourway of the yarn- a mixture of two of my favourite colours. I would love to be in the draw for this!
    Knittinggirl13 on rav.

  32. Tricia

    Ooh, I love lace patterned socks, and these are so pretty.
    My favourite character is the wicked witch of the west! She had so much fun being evil!!

  33. Andria

    The lion for sure! The yarn and pattern is absolutely lovely.

  34. Sabine Novak

    I love this pattern. Have made 3 pairs of socks since january and am really enjoying wearing them. I would love to make this pair for both myself and my sister-in-law.

  35. Zilliah

    My favourite character is the Wicked Witch of the West.

  36. Indulgence on Ravelry

    I’m going to go with The Wicked Witch of the West… “I’ll get you my pretty – and your little dog too” is one of her classic quotes… and closely followed by her sister who was “melting, melting – what a world, what a world”. I live in Oregon. I make constant reference to the fact that I don’t need an umbrella, because I won’t melt. LOVE your sock pattern… it is extremely unique!! Definitely one I would like to knit!

  37. Michaela

    These socks are gorgeous (and so is the yarn!). I am currently knitting my first pair of socks, and I’d love to try these ones, too. Because although I am new at sock knitting, I love love love lace!! My favourite Wizard of Oz character- the Tin Man 🙂 So sweet!

  38. leslie

    stunning socks! favorite character….the good witch of the north (and of course, Dorothy!)

  39. Carolyn

    A very long time ago a student of mine told me that I looked like Glinda. Your pattern is amazingly beautiful! If I could win the yarn and pattern, I would use my good witch powers to make them 🙂

  40. Becky "mommyknitz"

    Love the pattern, Corrina! I am such a technique hound, these are right up my alley. Already in my queue and on my wish list. Great job!

  41. danielle

    Toto has always been my favorite!

  42. Puddytatpurr

    Oooooh these are pretty!

  43. Sharon

    I like the witches. Both of them! Tonight is a champagne night, though, so I’ll have to go with Glinda this time. :)But as much as I *like* the witches, I *love* this sock! No short row heel? No heel flap?! I’m knitting it in my head already! LOVE!

  44. Knittingdancer on Ravelry

    It would have to be Glenda, the good witch.

  45. Linsay

    I loved Glenda :). Wizard of Oz was my momma’s fav movie we watched it every year on tv. Love the socks they are amazing. )

  46. Deborah

    I love the pattern on the socks. I am new to knitting socks and have become addicted to knitting them. This pattern is beautiful and I hope to win it.

  47. Melodie

    Gorgeous sock pattern! My favorite would be Toto. 🙂

  48. sara

    Love that pattern…it is totally beautiful! My favorite character from the Wizard of Oz – has to be TOTO – I love animals…

  49. Lotsofhermies on Rav

    The Scarecrow not sure why but he is my favorite!

  50. Wyakees

    Favorite character would have to be the Cowardly Lion. He’s so loveable! The socks are gorgeous! Blue is my favorite & I love lace. I might have to learn to knit socks yet!
    Wyakees on Rav

  51. sillylittlelady

    My favorite character is The Lion, I’ve always had a heart and I’ve always had a brain, but once I found courage my world totally changed 🙂

  52. Leslie

    I LOVE this pattern! Gorgeous! And I love Woolgirl Jen, too! My face Oz character is the Cowardly Lion!

  53. Rae

    The pattern & the sock go great together congrats on another beautiful design.

  54. victoria

    my favorite wizard of oz character is the tin man and I just have to say what a lovely skein of yarn

  55. Amy J

    Incredible color, and the pattern…LOVE IT!! Looks like a challenge, which is just what I LOVE! As to my favorite Oz character, I think it would have to be Scarecrow…he has a heart, but just doesn’t know it.

  56. Linette

    Oh, those are so pretty! and I love the heel. Such a gorgeous design.My fave Oz character is the Cowardly Lion (tho it’s a hard decision, because I like them all in their own way)

  57. Monique G

    I love me some Kitchen Dyeworks!!!

  58. Don’t Tell Mom « the eye of the beholder

    […] for 3 skeins of Patons Divine Yarn from All Free Crochet Afghan Patterns. (20 March)  One for the Munchkinland Socks pattern and skein – believe me, the pattern is every bit as exciting as the sock yarn.  I […]

  59. Lisa

    What a fantastic design!!
    My favorite Wizard of Oz character is Toto!!! Gotta love the little fellow!

  60. Ashley Parker

    Beautiful socks, and stunning yarn! My fave WoO character is Toto!!!!!!

  61. Alexis

    Beautiful pattern and yarn!! My favorite Oz character is the scarecrow 🙂

  62. Christel

    I like Glinda the good witch of the north. I LOVE your sock pattern and yarn!!

  63. craftink

    Dorothy’s red shoes are my favorite characer! lol!

  64. Leah

    I like the goofy and sweet cowardly lion.
    winterlover on rav.

  65. Amy

    Lovely yarn and pattern. I love that little dog Toto!

  66. Carol

    My favorite Oz character is Toto. I have been knitting for almost 50 years so it must be time to try making socks!

  67. dianne killeen

    Wow great giveaway,great blog,my fave characters are the Lollypop kids x

  68. Sherry

    Lovely design.The Tin man would be my favorite character from the Wizard of OZ.

  69. kelly shurman

    Beautiful sock pattern with beautiful yarn!! My favorite characters are the lollipop kids and their song and dance.

  70. ikkinlala

    What a gorgeous pattern!
    It’s been a while since I read the Oz books, but my favourite character is the Tin Man.

  71. Penny aka pennala on rav

    Those are one gorgeous pair of socks and that is one fabulous color of blue.I just the story of the Wizzard of Oz and all the characters in it. My most favorite part of the story is reading all the meanings of the story that have been found between the lines.

  72. Jen

    Love the pattern and the colour. I think my favourite characters are the flying monkeys

  73. tami

    love the socks and the yarn.My favorite character was Toto.
    (the flying monkeys scared the tar out of me)
    I’m squiggi on rav

  74. Carmen

    My favorite was always Scarecrow

  75. Anjanette

    Love the sock pattern! And that yarn is absolutely yummy! My favorite character is the Tin Man.

  76. Michelle Duford

    I love the beautiful colors of blue in that yarn, and I absolutely love that sock pattern. I have finally knit my first pair of socks for human feet (I have knit several Christmas stockings, which are kind of the same, but don’t have to feel good from the inside out!), and would love for my second pair to be from this pattern and from this yarn! I love the “Wizard of Oz”, but don’t know who my favorite character is; Dorothy? Glinda? The Wicked Witch of the West? Maybe the latter, both for her delicious and frightening wickedness in the movie, and for her being an animal rights advocate in the book “Wicked”!

  77. Sydney

    So pretty. Crossing my fingers!

  78. michael

    These are awesome! Love the color!

  79. Jo

    Wow! Love love love these!

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