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It’s been a busy week. Back to school, big dude’s birthday, and this weekend we had lots of plans. I spent an absolutely lovely day yesterday at Hanks yarnstore in Gainesville. Five of us trekked on out there and had a good ole time. Sugarbee is now selling her batts there, which is just this side of awesome. And I finally got to meet the Ginger of the Sharon, Lorena & Ginger trio. Actually one of my favorite people is named Ginger, (the boys’ Grandma) so she’s in good name company.

Back to School

First Day of School

Oh yeah, I bought some yarn. I sold way more stash than I expected (thanks guys!) so I treated myself to some yarntini from Sonny & Shear. Which is now my new favorite on-line yarnstore. She sends a hand-written note?!?!? And some “stash” tea which just made me giggle. Plus she carries beautiful stuff, especially indie dyers!

Pretty Packaging


Prettier Yarn


Ready for the close-up?


And while I was at Hanks I bought some Dream In Color Classy (swoon) for a Liesl cardigan. I am planning on a short-sleeve version. Hey, I live in Florida! Plus it’s not really wintery colors.

Ooh, Classy in Giant Peach


Look at that twist baby!




All in all, it was an awesome weekend, and now I just have to get back to the grind. There are mountains of laundry that I’ve already started and the Monday cleaning is in full-force. As long as I don’t collapse from sheer exhaustion, everything should be fine!


  1. Daniele

    Gorgeous yarns! Thanks for sharing!

  2. kimber

    Dont you jsut love her selection of yarns? She has great indie folks and has wonderful customer service.
    the swatch looks great, cant wait to see it in person


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