My very first finished objects…

by | Mar 15, 2005 | Uncategorized

Made in Red Heart 100% Acrylic baby clouds. Enough to make many knitters shudder. But you know what? I don’t care! It turned out pretty and unbelievably soft. And I honestly have no patience for snobs of any size, shape, or form.

Baby Hat with obscenely large pom-pom…

Baby Blanket (folded in quarters)

I started the blanket first, but finished the hat first because knitting into the yarn overs was giving me gas. But all, in all I’m pretty pleased with this. Now to ship it off to Iowa.


  1. Batty

    Very cute! I love the enormous pom pom. How come kids look so adorable in things an adult could never get away with? Must be that inherent cuteness we lose over time!

  2. Beth

    But you know what? You just can’t beat acrylic for easy care – even I knit baby stuff in it.

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