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There are many knitting designers I consider friends, even though I’ve never met them in person. One of the awesome things about TNNA this past summer was getting to put faces to names and make new friends as well. Erica Jackofsky aka Fiddle Knits is one of those folks that sadly I’ve never met – she needs to come to Columbus next year so we can hang out!
Erica is a double-threat – her yarns and designs are lovely. I used some of her Swoolk last year for my Berlioz pattern. Totally delicious yarns and I adore her color sensibility. But she goes one step further and turns her gorgeous yarns into beautiful designs! Mythos is a collection of seven lace pieces that you really need to knit!

First off she starts out the collection with a very helpful little psa about gauge and lace knitting – I can’t tell you how many lace pieces I’ve seen ruined because folks don’t understand the magical powers of blocking!

Then she gets going with the patterns – 7 lovely lace pieces, each with a mythological backstory. Her photographs are wonderful and give you a good idea of how the shawls are constructed and what they really look like when worn.

She gives charted and written instructions and the entire collection reads like something that should be published in a book. And while I rarely have time to knit other people’s patterns, Merriment is really calling my name.

All the fabulous colorways she’s been putting out make me want to get my hands on some more of yarn as well – and soon! Find the entire Mythos Collection for sale on Ravelry for only $20 for all seven patterns (!!!!) – and Erica’s scrumptious collection of yarns at her etsy shop – Fiddle Knits Fibers.


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