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I can’t believe the Seven Songs collection is nearly done. I’ve learned so much and had such a neat time designing these shawlettes. But now it’s down to the wire. The design for the final song is pretty well set in stone – swatching in leftover yarn has been done, I just have to pick a color.

These are not true daylight pictures. Mostly because since the yarn arrived I haven’t been home long enough in any true daylight. Today I left the house at 7am and didn’t return until 8:30pm. It was a very long day of volunteering and working at the yarn store.

But late night pictures aside, this yarn is beautiful. These are two yarns from the Fiddleknits collection. If you don’t know Fiddleknits – you should. Erica is an amazing designer and is really coming up with some gorgeous colorways. Good Day Sunshine is on the left and Lust is on the right. I’m leaning towards the Lust. But lucky for y’all, whichever one I don’t choose will be put up for a contest when the pattern is released.

So I have to decide. And then I’ll be casting on for the seventh song. So which one would you pick?


  1. Anjanette

    The yellow calls to me, especially with the reality of decreasing daylight recently. But really both are gorgeous and you can’t go wrong!
    Congrats on casting on for the last song! My plan is to knit all seven next year.

  2. Trillian42

    Go with the Lust. Mostly because the yellow is gorgeous and I want a shot at winning it. 😉
    Honestly, though, they’re both beautiful! I’ll have to check out her stuff for sure.


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