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Once upon a time this bin was filled with legos. When I say filled, I mean filled. To the brim. So heavy you could barely carry it. But then the boys outgrew the legos and they legos went to live at school for little kids to play with. So now this well-worn fabric bin has been re-purposed for my studio. Basically I’m using the bins til I can afford to replace them all with fancy square baskets.


Most of them hold yarn (naturally). This one is for my needles. Today after weeks nay months of deadline knitting I realized I had no idea where any of my needles were for my next project. So I had to go hunt them all down and re-organize them. Just so you know I have an unreasonable number of size 6 circular needles. So if you need to borrow one…


I like to keep the circulars in the bags, but it’s hard to keep them together. So today I had an inspiration! Instead of using ponytail holder to keep them together (See Exhibit A: The sparkly pink ponytail holder in the middle bag) I would use some of my Namaste project bags to keep them under control.

This is genius. The big one on the left holds sizes 4-7 which I use the most often. The little ones (mostly 40″ sock needles) are in the center pouch, and the pouch on the right holds all my biggest sizes from 8 on up. And of course don’t forget the Disney World popcorn cup for all my dpns. It even holds the extra long ones. (I wonder if I could still get a popcorn refill in that…)

So. How do you organize your needles?


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